What is “One Aiken – open collaborations” all about and what are we trying to do here?

One Aiken – open collaborations is what ever we make it into together.  It is about providing opportunities for people to discuss ideas, share what they think success looks like, build some connections, and collaborate with new people toward common goals.  You have ideas.  We are establishing the framework for those ideas to get heard and gain traction.  One Aiken – open collaborations believes in promoting entrepreneurship. Each partner has the opportunities to take ideas and run with them with a support system to help monetize them.

We are charging a $20/month partnership fee to help cover the Collaboration Room’s overhead costs, website development and communications, event planning, and more. It is pretty easy to stick a $20 bill in the box monthly.

Aiken’s greatest assets are our people and conversation is how we grow!

We are managing these forms of communication – with your help.

  • One Aiken – open collaborations Facebook page
  • One Aiken – open collaborations Instagram page
  • Facebook Closed Group pages for #collaboration group convos
  • One Aiken – open collaborations Website with a members only back end
  • One Aiken – open collaborations blog posts
    • Content assistance from Hashtag leaders, Coaches Council, and a lot of guest posts/visions.
  • Newsletters
  • A Regular Live Stream Talk Show is being discussed. Want to help get this initiative rolling?
  • Small group meetings in Collaboration Room whenever available
  • Monthly “open to the public” Meet Ups for general networking
    • Local venues and local music!
  • Up to 5 Social Hours sessions/month moving us into a tech savvy status
  • One Aiken – Open Collaborations Events Calendar

What is the #AikenCoachesCouncil?
We have some Process Wonks in our Coaches Council group to help us – 

We have compiled a really wonderful group of systems and process minded people to help guide us through the idea input processes, creating ‘What Does Success Look Like’ visions, project management toward the vision, and building collaborative teams.  These folks will help us keep some method to this madness!  We welcome anyone that likes to be a process wonk to join us!!!

Currently we have some energy for the following Hashtag categories.  There is a menu item dedicated to each group on our website for more detailed information.  

 What kinds of leadership opportunities exist within the One Aiken open collaborations Partnership? There are leadership opportunities for all of these hashtag groups.

A few leaders cannot handle all this activity and energy.  We are looking for leaders for each hashtag category to get us through the Kickoff meetings for each, to monitor communications and look for synergy among partner activities, and to help be a historian for the groups activities.   Get involved and see what you can bring to the table! We have some leaders that have stepped up for #Aiken4Music and #downonPark but can always use more. We have some tentative leaders for other groups.

(Note: our motto since the beginning has been #startsomewhere. Rome wasn’t built in a year.  We’re working!)

Group leaders just sort of oversee the communications and call in the process wonks when necessary.  But you are a leader, so you can take it wherever you want!!!

 One Aiken – open collaborations In a Nutshell

To sum it up, because all of the above is a mouthful, we have been experimenting for the past year and are creating a communications structure that welcomes everyone with energy to dream up and create opportunities for the future of Aiken. This is something that young and old can get involved in.

  • You can really get involved and figure out where you can help create an Aiken scene that we can all prosper in because you love your town.
  • You can step up to a short term leadership position and help to create more leaders for the groups.
  • You can join the #AikenCoachesCouncil group.
  • You can establish some skill share courses to spread the knowledge we need and get paid for your time.
  • You can get all of your Aiken “Facetime” networking done at One Aiken – open collaboration regular events.
  • You can schedule the Collaboration Room anytime you want to have a project meeting.
  • You can meet new people that have mad skills you don’t possess and figure out how to work together for your mutual goals.
  • You can learn some management practices that will help you in all your activities.
  • You can pretty much name your idea, throw it out there, and see who else has energy.
Who is initiating One Aiken – open collaborations?

One Aiken is being spearheaded by Katy Lipscomb and friends. An awesome team that has been put together over many years of dreaming, experimenting, and networking.  It is time for some real action!

 Where are our headquarters?

One Aiken’s headquarters is located at The Ground Floor, a shared work space for creatives located above Material Things- #downonPark between Fairfield and York in downtown Aiken.

Downtown is Aiken’s small business nerve center but we do not just want to concentrate on downtown initiatives.  Aiken can be a town with many thriving neighborhoods!

Our Collaboration Room has seating for about 20 people max, small group events. It is perfect for skill share courses, for small group brainstorming meetings, and many other uses.  (We are planning Stock the Fridge calls to action every month – because of the whole sharing economy thing….) We also have a wonderful backyard that is in the planning stages for a new One Aiken event venue.

 Why is there a $20/month Partnership fee?

Volunteer energy always dies out – fact.

Aiken has many outstanding non-profits but we aren’t interested in a non-profit world.  We want to work hand in hand with non-profits but also look for opportunities for everyone to benefit from a new 21st century economy in Aiken. And we don’t want to spend all of our time conducting fund raising events to keep the figurative doors open.

We hope you get thousands and thousands of dollars of value from being a partner.

It is a month to month commitment.  If you drop out because of overload, we will welcome you back at anytime. If you drop out because the value isn’t there, we hope you will share with us so we can continually improve the processes and that you will feel compelled again later.  No pressure, no hype.

We welcome all newcomers to the first few meetings fee so you can check it out before you commit to joining the team!

 Why? Seriously….

We need to build an excitement factor in Aiken and we have heard lots of ideas and sense some real energy for some action.  Let’s #startsomewhere and see where this goes! Together.

How can we learn more and decide if we want to be a Partner?

Follow the ‘One Aiken – open collaborations‘ Facebook page for details about our kick off events for each hashtag group.

Sign up for our newsletter on the Home page.

Keep informed via the “public” information sections of our website.

Spot your opportunity and then join us!