Behind the Scenes of Dinner DownOnPark


Behind the Scenes of Dinner DownOnPark

We are so excited to launch our contest for Dinner Down on Park! Although we have an absolutely beautiful setup, it didn’t put itself up! Last Sunday Katy and I went out to make the styled shoot for the teaser ad. Here’s the backstory…


Really, we have the most beautiful part of the downtown! Now, to turn it into an al fresco dining area…

We began with the raw idea and started to build on the form. Katy came up with the idea of an experience similar to the classic New York restaurant Tavern on the Green. We decided on a table in the parkway with hanging lanterns in the trees. The lanterns are made of two lampshades that are glued together and lit up with small flashlights put inside. However, getting them in the trees was another story!

At first, we thought of using streamers to tie the ribbons over the branches. But then, inspiration struck! We took twine and some curtain rings out of the back room of Material Things and tied them to the top. Then, I stood on the top of a ladder and threw the weights over the tree limbs. The weights held the lanterns up. But beleive you me,  you’ve never sensed fear until you throw some metal weights in the air and they fall towards your face.


Here I am placing the lanterns around the table area!

Next, we set up the table with a white cloth and some vintage dishes.But at the last minute, we suddenly realized that we didn’t have any flowers. But never fear! Magnolia leaves in a pitcher make a beautiful centerpiece.


The lanterns and candles add a lot of light, so you can talk the night away!


Just after sunset, Meleah Powers came out to take picture of the table. It turned out beautifully, with a Midsummer’s Night’s Dream type of feel!


(Sorry for the terrible cell phone quality photo, y’all. It is what it is….)

But the shot doesn’t end there! After afterward, Katy and Meleah spent another day and a half designing and formatting our images into the promo. Finally, all the hard work resulted in what you saw on Tuesday!

It’s a lot of work to put one of these events together- we haven’t even told you about contacting vendors for the food and drink! But it’s so worth it. Best luck and enjoy our contest!


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